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FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)

  • Who do I contact regarding BES PTA issues other than the website?
    Beaver Boogie fundraiser -
    BES PTA Board -
    BES Online Directory -
    BES PTA Treasurer -
    BES Spiritwear -
    Beaver Bucks -
    BES Ladies Nite Out -
    BES Veteran's Day Celebration -
    BES Language Club -

  • How do I receive the Branchville PTA weekly eblasts?
    Create a Membership Toolkit account and complete the Family and Faculty information form, as detailed in PDF.  All parents who register and currently have children at Branchville Elementary school between Kindergarten and 5th grade will receive the weekly eblasts, regardless of whether they have registered as PTA members for the current school year.

  • I've changed my email address, how can I update the email account associated with my PTA website account? 
    Update your email address as detailed in PDF.

  • Why have I not received the BES PTA eblasts this year, when last year I had?
    Please login to your account (or create one), and go to My Account > Update My Account > Subscriptions, and check that you are subscribed to the mailing list "2019 BES PTA". 
    If this is already done, check if the eblasts are being sent to your email spam folder.  Finally, please feel free to send an email to to request assistance.  

  • How do I update my child's teacher assignment or other family contact info?  I am not able to view the online directory.
    The online directory is a member only resource available after purchasing PTA membership (which supports the PTA programs).  To make updates to contact info or your child's teacher assignment, please use the following steps:
    - Log-in > Go to My Account > My Forms/Paperwork > Family and Faculty Information link
    - If contact information needs to be updated, do so here.  Otherwise scroll to bottom of page and click "Next Step"
    - Update teacher assignment from next page.
  • After verifying my family's information, how can I become a PTA member?
    Log into your website account, and go to My Account > My Forms/Paperwork.  One of the forms listed is "2019 PTA Membership Payment (2019-2020).  Click this link, select PTA Membership for 1 or 2 parents, and proceed to the next page and submit.  Transactions are done securely online via credit card.

  • How can I check if I am a PTA member for the 2023-2024 school year?
    Log in with your user account, and click on your name in in the login box.  Then browse to the membership tab; family members will be listed with their membership status.